Friday, October 9, 2015


Life is a series of moments…  They vary from day to day, week to week, year to year.  There are the moments that take your breath away, the moments that fill your eyes with tears, the moments that draw you closer to your Father, the moments that make you want to stay in bed forever, the moments that bring a smile to your face…  Each of these little bits of time weave together into an amazing tapestry that makes up who we are.  A smell can bring us back to that day we first had fresh baked cookies at Grandma’s house, a song can bring us back to the time he asked for a date, a sound can remind us of little feet running through the house.  These moments, these glimpses of life that happen in a flash are part of an ever growing mosaic that is your life.  They fit together into the perfect puzzle of you.  Some moments you want to wish away, you want them to always remain boxed up never to be looked at or touched again.  You struggle to understand why those moments had to be part of your story, yet you grew from them.  The heartache of loss, the hurt of betrayal, the question of loyalty, the reality of dishonesty can appear to overshadow the fun moments and joys of time spent building with your children, praying with your spouse, adventuring with your family, enjoying an outing with a friend, reminiscing with your mom, praising God with your church family, and so many other precious scraps of time that when sewn together cover us in a soft, warm quilt of comfort.  Thinking about how quickly your baby grew into a toddler and ran into a young adult may cause you to pause and shed a few tears, but always remember each moment is precious and worth investing your whole self in.  The moments of sharing memories with your spouse and dreaming of the future are moments to be cherished.  If your moments right now are filled with struggle, joy, worry, excitement, or a bit of sadness, then you need to lean on the One who gives you all your moments.  He knows your heart and He loves you and He is in your moments every time.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Eleven: Exercise, Day 20

Here's another quick update.  I've exercised 20 days in a row now!  I have ridden over 72 miles in less than 5.5 hours.  My husband is still joining me every night for our ride time.  It's not my favorite thing in the world, but I am now in the habit of doing this exercise and look forward to adding walking or some other activity to my exercise plan.  Now to strike some foods from my eating habits and replace them with healthier alternatives.  God is at work in me, even through the exercise!  Keep checking back, friends!  :)

Monday, February 23, 2015

Eleven: Exercise, Day 11

Just a quick note to say that I have now exercised 11 days in a row!  Yay!  So excited!  I rode nearly 3 3/4 miles in 16.5 minutes today.  I am looking forward to seeing where God is taking me through all of this!  He is so good!  Blessings, friends!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Eleven: Exercise, Day 7

I have now exercised 7 days in a row.  To some what I'm about to say may seem unimpressive, but for me, this is a big step in the right direction.  I have ridden my recumbent bike a total of 13.76 miles in a little over 65 minutes.  I know it's a sad place to be when it takes over an hour to go 13.5 miles, but I am thankful for the routine of regular exercise and the discipline of it too.  What a joy it is to know that I am taking steps in the direction of better health and physical fitness!  I'm working toward taking better care of the physical body God blessed me with/entrusted to me.

I have started reading Every Body Matters by Gary Thomas to go along with my exercise/physical fitness month.  I am very intrigued by what he is discussing in this book and find it to be an easy read.  I now strongly desire to find an activity that I can do to increase my physical fitness!  I knew before that I wanted to improve my eating habits and those of my family, but now I want more physical activity too!  I want to share a quote from Every Body Matters that I read today with you.  Please feel free to comment below and tell me what you think.

From page 37: "And that's the promise of faithful fitness. Those of us who have the courage to address this personal issue in our own lives will experience considerable results. Improving your physical fitness will increase your overall zest for life. You'll have more energy for your marriage, for parenting, for your business."
I want to increase my zest for life and have more energy!  Why does it always seem as if physical fitness is like a bad four-letter word?  Why is it okay to ignore gluttony and lack of exercise, but when we see someone that wants to better their body through physical exercise we sneer?  I'm confused!  Should it be this way?  Why not take the challenge and step out in physical fitness?  If you aren't a basketball player, then don't play basketball!  If you aren't a sprinter, then don't sprint!  Find the physical fitness activity that appeals to you, that excites you, that motivates you and pursue it!  Find a friend and go for it!  God will meet you, even in that time and place, and He will bless you and give you new tasks that you might not have been able to do before you took the time to start walking around the block every night.  Think about it!

One more thing to share with you before I go: my husband has joined the bike riding in the basement!  It's been a joy to be able to have him join me in my Eleven.  I'll keep you posted as the next 3 weeks unfold.  Thank you for taking time to read along here!  You all bless me!  :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Eleven: Break 1

I finished my 4 weeks of study yesterday!  I am so glad that I started with the foundation of God's word.  Every morning I was able to spend time doing my study, reading God's word, and praying.  It was good to get into the routine (I know some may not appreciate that) of having time every morning with God and His word.  I would love to be able to continue my "study" time, but I hope to make a few changes.  I want to get to bed earlier at night so that I can get up earlier in the morning.  It would be nice to have an hour, give or take, every morning to just connect with God.  I also want to find a book or method to bring me deeper into His word.  Sometimes although study books are a good jumping off point, they can be a bit limiting.  I want to study the things that are on my heart, that I face every day, that nag at me, etc.  I also want to make Scripture memory part of my study time.  I feel very strongly that I (and others) need to hide God's word away in my heart.  It is the rock on which everything else rests.  Make it a point, friends, to hide God's word away in your heart.  You will never regret doing so.
I find that as I go through a study multiple things speak to me, but I struggle to put those things into practice.  Finding a way to revisit concepts that spoke to me is really a necessity for me because otherwise all the study time in the world will be for naught.  If I don't take the initiative to make the changes that God wants me to make and to ask Him for His help in doing so, what was the point of delving into the meat of the Bible.  If we ignore the blueprint, our house will fall.  We won't know where to put walls, windows, doors, sinks, closets, etc.  Where would we be without windows to see God's beauty and doors to welcome others into our lives?  A sad reality happens when we do not build our lives on the firm foundation of God's precious word...when a storm comes the house crashes down.
Seek God for a renewed heart, seek Him for wisdom in all your choices (little or big), and seek Him knowing that He has NEVER left you.  He HASN'T!  He has pursued you, He has surrounded you with His amazing creation, and He has comforted you in times of trouble.  He will NOT stop doing those things for you!!!  Run to Him, cry out to Him, tell Him what you're thinking, feeling, experiencing, ask Him to help you!  You are loved, you are cherished, you are a one-of-a-kind, unique design!  There is NO ONE else like you!  You are a precious, beautiful, special, amazing treasure!  Hang on to God, cling to Him!  He will never leave you or forsake you!
Take time to look back over the last few years and see the awesome circumstances that He has faithfully brought you through.  Write them down, file them away, share them with others, thank God for them.  Blessings, friends!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Eleven: Study, Day 15

More from A Renewed Heart!

Page 46: "God has a different definition of excellence, and the only thing required is love. It is not enough to merely say that you love or to have the emotion of love; you must actively live out love as Christ has shown us. That is the 'most excellent way' and a foundation to renewal. This may require as much patience and hard work as training for an Olympic medal. It exacts a payment of our emotions and time."

Page 47: "'If we love, we can never observe the other person with detachment, for he is always and at every moment a living claim to our love and service.' -Dietrich Bonhoeffer"

Powerful thoughts about love!  Do you find it difficult to love at times?  I know I do.  But God gives us a great resource in I Corinthians 13:1-13 that describes love.  We learn in this famous passage what love is and what it is not.  I suggest that you use it as your guide, your blueprint for loving others.  Read through the verses, and as you do write down the parts of love that you do well and those that you do poorly.  Bring the list before God and ask for His help in the areas where you fall short.  Share your thoughts below!  Thank you, friends!

God is at work in me through this study and the time I spend in it.  I am excited to see where He's taking me and to see growth in my walk with Him.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Eleven: Study, Day 13

We should have a "glow" about us because we are God's children.  His light should shine through us and compel others to want to know more.  Shouldn't the world be able to see a difference in us?  The difference should be so apparent that there is no mistake that it's real.  We should have joy overflowing out of us.  Our joy should drench others - raining down on them and making them want what we have.  Have you been "glowing" lately?  Or have you fallen into the world's trap of materialism, consumerism, selfishness, envy, jealousy, etc.?  Why not get on your knees, repent, and ask God to bring back your joy, to refresh it, to renew it?  Then you will be able to smile at everyone you meet, open doors for others, leave a bigger tip than normal, hear God's voice directing you to what He wants for you, take out the trash when your spouse forgets to, edify others when they are down, and the list goes on.  Wouldn't living with a joyful, renewed heart be much better than being in the ho-hum doldrums?  Or do you like holding on to all the stinky, old, dirty nastiness inside you?  Is it fun to look at?  I don't think so.  So why not step out into the fruitfulness God has for you?  It's worth it!  Blessings, friends!